Oak View Landscapes Domestic Services

Oak View commission the services of a number of freelance garden designers and landscape architects to create stunning design solutions for your project. We have worked with these professionals for a number of years and have selected the finest for our clients. Oak View implement the proposals to bring the designs into reality.



We are also happy to work directly for clients who have already had a design produced but require a focussed quality approach to create the garden of their dreams.

We are able to offer a wide range of services for example:

  • Clearance, ground preparation and arboriculture.
  • Hard landscape construction: paving, brickwork etc.
  • Fencing and timberwork.
  • Hard wood and Softwood decking.
  • Topsoil supply and installation.
  • Pathway and driveway construction.
  • Lighting installation.
  • Ponds and water features.
  • Tree and shrub sourcing and planting.
  • Semi-mature tree planting.
  • Turfing and grass seeding.

All our domestic landscape specialists are formally trained, multi skilled and possess a passion for quality landscaping.

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